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What we do?

Audio Branding

Audio Branding integrates a brand’s unique ‘voice’ through environments, music compilations, advertising, online, podcasting, live performance – wherever the customer might interact with the brand. It is the sensory partner of Visual Branding: what you hear can define what you see and feel.

We’re in the business of Audio Branding: using the power of music and sound to connect an audience with a branded product or service. 

What we offer?

Sound Thinking

We offer our clients Sound Thinking: intelligent, considered advice and strategies on all facets of audio branding at any stage of the brands life.

From development of new brands and the building of existing ones, each project receives the same professional attention and creative commitment.

Finally, our creative energies are directed into the production and implementation of the finished product.

How we hear the world?

In our everyday lives, every decision we make is influenced by our senses working together to create an image of the world around us.

To interpret how we ‘see’ our world we need sound and music:

  • It connects us to others with like values
  • It expresses our values
  • It improves our recall
  • It can change our reality

What we believe?

Music has the ability to transform lives

Les is a director of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia Ltd (NRMTA) which was founded in 1984 to promote and develop the understanding, training and practice of creative music therapy.

Composer Paul Nordoff and special educator Clive Robbins first developed the creative music therapy approach. This approach focuses on awakening an inborn musicality in every client in

order to develop his or her full potential as a human being. In creative music therapy we use improvised live music to build a relationship between therapist and clients where clients interact and communicate directly through music. It is an interactive and participatory form of therapy where the music acts as the agent for change and healing.

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Who are we?

Les Gock

In the early 70’s, Les took leave from the despatch department of a major ad agency to become a rock star.

As lead guitarist with HUSH he went on to earn 12 gold records in just 5 wild years. After the band broke up, Les set up the business and offered his musical skills to the ad industry with phenomenal success.

The company grew to become Song Zu, a music and sound design mecca in Sydney and Singapore, that attracted some of the cream of Australasia’s composers and sound engineers.

In 2003 Les sold Song Zu to develop an exciting new direction. Today, Sound Thinking is Australia’s leading audio branding consultancy and plays an integral and vital part in the communication and management of leading Australian brands.

Chad Gock

Chad recently left the world of advertising to work in the world of music. He has a degree in Business from RMIT/Cornell and studied Screen Music at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. With a background in account service and marketing, Chad has worked with some of Australia’s leading agencies and brands including Vodafone, Westfield, BAT, IBM and Telstra.

Chad has since joined Sound Thinking and now combines his strategic and creative background to develop audio solutions and brand insights across all media channels.